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Office: 1452 Park Shore Circle Suite 3

Fort Myers, Florida 33901


Phone: 239 694 3686

Cell: 239 234 2800



3 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Sue Wood Says:

    I’m not sure if I will get any answers, but my husband and I are looking to adopt a deaf child from Ethiopia. Our whole family is fluent in American Sign Language, so adopting deaf seems right to us. I noticed that maybe you have some resources…any thoughts about where we should go to find a deaf child?

    Thanks so much!
    Sue Wood

  2. TEWODROS Says:


  3. janice smith Says:

    I am trying to reach someone named Charlie that sent us a special package from our son who is serving at Project Mercy in Ethiopia this school year as a volunteer teacher. He sent a DVD of our son’s birthday and the beautiful Ethiopian children that helped him celebrate.

    He signed his name simply Charlie and the return address was Ethiopian Child and the above address.

    I wrote a thank you note to him for his kindness, but the card was returned today, saying unable to forward. If you can let him know, please send our thanks to him.

    Paul and Janice Smith
    14216 lake forrest heights road
    Siloam Springs, AR

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