A Hero Passes

A Hero Passes
Haregowin Teferra rescued orphans of Ethiopia
1946-March 17 2009

a Day at the beach
Haregowin Teferra consoles an abandoned newborn 10/08
Photo by Charlie

Haregowin Teferra was “armpit tall” (I have a photo standing next to her that proves it) but she was a giant of a human. Her “heart” was as big as all Ethiopia, (about twice the size of Texas) and there was never an orphaned child she didn’t love.
Some might say she was a little round for her height, but she was just right for snuggling a lonely, crying, frightened, abandoned child.
Sometimes there would be a loud noise at the compound gate. When the guard opened it, often there was a newborn wrapped in a blanket lying on the ground. No one else would be in sight. Or, perhaps a mother, stricken with AIDS, would hand over her child; or a policeman, or maybe a priest, would would bring a baby to her.
Although many were orphaned by the dreaded AIDS virus, for others there is no history, just a needy child.
When it is all said and done she was foster mother to 400 children, maybe more!
At Ethiopian Child we miss you Haregowin.
To learn more about Haregowin and the plight of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa go to:  There is no Me without You or:  Foster Mother.

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